ExposedCrueltyNew LCA Undercover Investigation Reveals Systematic Abuse and Neglect of Pigs

A 3-month undercover investigation by LCA exposes severe abuse and neglect at Crimson Lane Farms, a pig breeding farm in Kenilworth, Ontario that supplies Olymel, Canada’s largest pork processor. Olymel pork is sold by major retailers across Canada including Walmart, Metro and Real Canadian Superstore.



Despite Olymel's claim to hold "the highest standards of animal welfare," LCA's video shows workers striking and kicking pregnant pigs, shocking them with electric prods, and allowing pigs with debilitating injuries to languish in agony for prolonged periods.

The cruelty is appalling:

After completing the investigation, LCA submitted complaints to the Ontario Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (OSPCA) and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police detailing over 70 violations of the OSPCA Act and the Criminal Code. Go to to see the full findings.