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CNN has built a reputation as a respectable, informative news network. But by glorifying the most insidious forms of animal cruelty on Anthony Bourdain's gruesome TV series Parts Unknown, the network has sunk to a disturbing new low in so-called entertainment. Watch the video, then CLICK HERE TO SIGN THE PETITION urging CNN to stop promoting animal torture!

Bourdain depicts barbaric and sadistic acts such as cutting open a live snake to remove its beating heart; wrestling a goat to the ground before slicing his throat and drinking the blood; and laughing callously about a chef ripping the intestines from a live duck.

The show, which CNN has aired for eight seasons, highlights Mr. Bourdain's visits to exotic destinations and uncovers lesser-known cultures and cuisine as seen through the lens of the renowned chef and author. Traveling the world and extolling the virtues of sampling local, and often unusual, fare has provided Mr. Bourdain with celebrity status the world over. However, many times in his quest to continually surprise and shock viewers, the host has crossed ethical boundaries by inflicting brutal suffering on animals.

Examples of episodes that highlight the show’s animal cruelty include:

  • S5:E3 “Scotland” – Mr. Bourdain ritualistically covers his face with the blood of a red stag he shot and killed. The episode attempts to assuage viewers by cutting away from the scene of Mr. Bourdain gutting the dead stag, instead switching to calming scenes of grass swaying in the Scottish wilderness.

  • S5:E7 “Hawaii” – Mr. Bourdain savagely rips an octopus out of its home, spearing it and proceeding to chew on the live octopus’ head as a means of killing it by removing its brain.

  • S8:E3 "Sichuan With Eric Ripert" – Mr. Bourdain consumes the intestines of a duck, which he callously mentions was alive when its insides were ripped out of its body. When a dinner guest interjects with the question “isn’t that cruel?” Mr. Bourdain replies, “well, you want them fresh.”

Through Parts Unknown, CNN and Bourdain are desensitizing people around the world to animal torture, and turning suffering into a joke. With his popularity and status, Bourdain could be doing a lot of good in the world; yet he chooses the road of misery and death. 

CNN must be held to the highest accountability for their programming -- and it's time to take animal torture off the air. By continuing to display this macabre experience masquerading as a travel show, CNN is directly responsible for brutal animal abuse.

Help stop the glorified cruelty. CLICK HERE TO SIGN THE PETITION urging CNN to stop promoting animal torture!



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