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Telling the truth about animal abuse should not be a crime!

OPPOSE Bill 156, Security from Trespass and Protecting Food Safety Act, 2019

Introduced on 12/2/19 by Ontario, Canada Minister of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs


The Ontario Government introduced Bill 156 on December 2, 2019 seeking to limit access to farms, slaughterhouses, and transport trucks. Bill 156 would make it a crime to uncover and report the truth about how farm animals are treated. It's a moral obligation to report any crimes of cruelty and neglect! If passed, the Bill will severly undermine Ontario's animal welfare laws.

Ontario animal protection laws rely heavily on the reporting of animal cruelty and neglect to protect the welfare of farm animals. This is because the Ontario government does not monitor their wellbeing or treatment. However, if this Bill passes, it would make it illegal for people to attend and observe the conditions of animals on farms, in transport trucks, or in slaughterhouses, without obtaining advance consent from the farm or truck operator. The Bill adds that if consent is obtained under false pretenses, it is invalid. That means people would need to obtain consent from farmers, truckers, or slaughterhouse operators treating their animals properly. It also imposes fines on people who drive others to farms, on transport trucks, and slaughterhouses who enter onto the property without consent and on the owners of the actual vehicles that are used to get there.

Undercover footage routinely shows farm animals subjected to abuse and neglect. However, instead of imposing welfare standards or ensuring the proper treatment of farm animals, the Government is looking to conceal animal cruelty by preventing whistleblowers and journalists from reporting animal cruelty and neglect. If Bill 156 gets passed, it will in essence be a cover up by the Canadian government and will allow companies and individuals to "continue business as usual."

Bill 156 is everything that the Canadian Charter seeks to preventmoral and financial corruption at the expense of others.

This BILL is attempting to make telling the truth about animal abuse a crime!


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