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"Dealing Dogs" - Martin Creek Then & Now

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Martin Creek Then and NowWarning: Disturbing tage, viewer discretion advised.In July 2007, photos of C.C. Baird’s facility, Martin Creek Kennels were anonymously submitted to LCA.

The surrendered photos show the former B dealer’s facility, the subject of the HBO documentary "Dealing Dogs", now closed, overrun with vegetation and completely void of the horrors that occurred there over the 15 years Baird ran his animal exploitation business.

This short video illustrates both the current state of Martin Creek Kennels and the facility as it was investigated by Last Chance for Animals in 2002.

This slideshow clearly demonstrates the abuse and neglect that animals suffered at the hands of C.C. Baird and the necessity for Congress to pass The Pet Safety and Protection Act (PSPA). The PSPA will keep companion animals safe from animal dealers like Baird.

Because of the LCA investigation, Baird is out of business and Martin Creek Kennels is closed forever, but there is more work to be done. Get more information about C.C. Baird, B dealers and “Dealing Dogs” and how you can get involved.

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