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Anti-Fur Legislation

LCA monitors anti-fur legislation across the United States and campaigns for fur bans to be passed with a coalition of animal rights groups. Enacting anti-fur legislation will significantly reduce the demand for fur and set a precedent that animal abuse will not be tolerated. Join the fight to ban fur by taking direct action in your state as campaigns arise.


Ann Arbor, MI 2021 - Ordinance Passed to Ban the Retail Sale of New Fur Products

LCA worked with a coalition of animal rights groups to ensure the passage of a municipal retail fur sales ban in Ann Arbor, MI. Michigan is a large fur-producing state and in 2020, an outbreak of COVID-19 on a mink fur farm occurred. This historic Ordinance, voted in unanimously by City Councillors, sets a precedent that animal abuse is not tolerated in Ann Arbor, and public health concerns are put before the profits of an industry.  


Rhode Island, 2021 - Pending Legislation - HB 5188 / SB 806

House Bill 5188 (HB 5188) and Senate Bill 806 (SB 806) would ban the sale of new animal fur products in the state, punishable with maximum fines of $5,000 and up to one year in jail. The legislation acknowledges the cruelty of the fur farming industry and the public health risk of zoonotic disease caused by fur farms, as demonstrated by the outbreak of COVID-19 on mink fur farms.

Rhode Island Residents - Take Action

SB 806 was introduced on April 8, 2021 by Senator Stephen R. Archambault (D-RI) and was referred to the Senate Judiciary Committee. A hearing was held on May 6, 2021; the Committee recommended measure be held for further study .

Rhode Island residents are encouraged to send an email in support of SB806 to keep this important legislation moving forward.  Please use the information below to create your email.  Remember to keep correspondence polite and respectful.

TO: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

SUBJECT LINE: In supoprt of Bill SB806 - the Retail Fur Sales Ban

Dear Senate Judiciary Committee:

I am a resident of Rhode Island, and I would like to express my full support of SB806, the Retail Fur Sales Ban. This historic Bill is important because it will ban the sale of new fur products in the state and assist in stopping the cruel and inhumane fur industry. I believe that Rhode Island is a compassionate state that cares about the welfare of animals; by banning fur sales, it will set a precedent that animal cruelty will not be tolerated.


(First Name, Last Name)

(Zip Code) - Rhode Island Resident


California Bans the Sale of Fur Products - Effective 1/1/2023

On October 12, 2019, Governor Newsom signed AB 44 into law, making California the first state in the nation to ban the sale and manufacture of new fur products. The bill does not go into effect until January 1, 2023. LCA is demanding retailers in California and the rest of the world to immediately stop selling fur productsand not wait until 2023. Let retailers know you won't support them until they commit to going fur-free NOW! 


History of the First City in the U.S. to Ban Fur

"Fur Free WeHo" 

West Hollywood, CA 2013 - First City in the U.S. to Ban Fur

On May 16, 2011, Councilman John D’Amico introduced Ordinance # 11-877 to ban the sale of fur products in West Hollywood, CA (WeHo), also known as the "Humane Capital of the United States". The ordinance passed in November 2011, making WeHo the world’s first city to ban fur products, setting a precedent for the rest of the world to put an end to the needless suffering of fur-bearing animals solely for the purposes of vanity.

West Hollywood has always been a leader in passing ground-breaking legislation in the area of animal welfare. In 1989, West Hollywood passed Resolution 558, making the city a "Cruelty-Free Zone" for animals by banning cosmetic testing and steel leg-hold traps. It was the first city in the U.S. to ban declawing of cats (and is also one of the guardian cities where animals are referred to as companion animals, not pets), and in 2010, it banned the sale of dogs and cats in pet stores. It has now furthered the effort to make good on that promise and has once again shown its leadership for animal welfare by becoming the first Fur-Free city in the nation. (Read the ABC 7 story here.)

The Historic Background to "Fur-Free WeHo"

LCA, Shannon Keith, Ellen Lavinthal, Ed Buck, and fellow animal advocates, came together to BAN the sale of fur in West Hollywood. After successfully completing a six-week campaign of weekly rallies and demonstrations leading up to the 2011 City Council elections, and visits to retail establishments carrying fur, some important objectives were met. Several stores voluntarily removed fur from their inventory, fur-free candidate John D’Amico was enthusiastically and overwhelmingly elected by the citizens of West Hollywood, and awareness was raised around the fur issue.

An ordinance to ban the sale of fur in West Hollywood was drafted, and at 1:45AM on Tuesday, September 20, 2011, the City Council voted 5-0 to pass the ordinance. On the second and final reading of the Fur-Free Ban (Ordinance 11-877) on Monday, November 21, 2011, three of West Hollywood’s City Council Members voted to officially pass the controversial ordinance. Although Councilmember John Heilman voted against the ban and absent Councilmember Abbe abstained, Mayor John Duran, Mayor Pro Tempore Jeffrey Prang, and author of the ordinance Councilmember John D’Amico voted in favor of passing the legislation, therefore ensuring that the ban be set in motion.


The official implementation date of the Fur Free Ban was September 21, 2013. The ordinance exempts used fur products sold by private parties (excluding retail transactions), non-profit organizations, and second-hand stores including pawn shops.

The ordinance is one of the first of its kind in the United States.

LCA Presenting Historic Resolution 558 to WeHo in 1989 Proclaiming the City of West Hollywood a Cruelty Free ZoneLCA presenting historic Resolution 558 to WeHo in 1989. Proclaiming the City of West Hollywood a Cruelty Free Zone Council members Jeffery Prang and John D'Amico with Chris DeRose and Ellen Lavinthal at 9/20/2011 press conference announcing the historic vote to ban fur in WeHoCouncil members Jeffery Prang and John D'Amico with Chris DeRose and Ellen Lavinthal at 9/20/2011 press conference announcing the historic vote to ban fur in West Hollywood

Before being elected, campaign supporter and City Council candidate John D’Amico said: "West Hollywood has the opportunity to once again be a leader for animal welfare by becoming the first fur-free city in the nation. We have pledged to be a place that is free of cruelty to animals and we can no longer support the barbaric fur trade by selling the products of that cruelty in our city.” The precedent-setting vote in favor of the ban on the sale of fur apparel shows that West Hollywood leads the way for other cities to follow.

LCA thanks all the supporters who protested, sent letters, made calls and came out to support the vote. Everyone’s help contributed to passing this monumental legislation. LCA now hopes to roll this ban out across the nation!


  • Contact your local City Council and ask them to make your city fur free
  • Educate yourself and other on the disgusting practices of the fur trade
  • Donate to LCA to help continue the fight against the fur trade


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