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September 15, 2017


Happy National Chicken Month! Chickens are fascinating animals with distinct personalities and clever natures. Recent studies have given new insight into their remarkable intelligence and complex emotional lives. LCA is celebrating chickens this month by sharing some little-known facts about these incredible animals.

1. Chickens are self-aware and intelligent. Studies have proven their ability to solve problems, count, understand object permanence, worry about the future and plan ahead. Chickens can also recognize up to 100 different faces!

2. They communicate in complex ways. Chickens exchange information through a large variety of distinct vocalizations and visual displays; they can even intentionally deceive one another through sophisticated signaling.

3. Chickens feel a wide range of emotions. Considering their ability to experience excitement, fear, joy, and frustration, chickens are strikingly similar to the beloved companion animals we hold so dear. Research has shown that chickens also exhibit empathy. Having such complex emotions means that chickens are capable of suffering tremendously as well.


4. They love to play. When given the opportunity, chickens love to run, jump and play with one another. From sunbathing to exploring, chickens seek joy and excitement through activities.

5. Chickens are excluded from the federal Humane Slaughter Act and are among the most severely abused of all farmed animals. Because they are legally subjected to horrific farming practices, billions of these intelligent and sensitive creatures endure a lifetime of suffering in extremely cramped living conditions and are subjected to a terrifying and painful death.

As awareness of the intelligent and caring nature of chickens grows, more and more people are choosing compassion over cruelty by eating delicious meat-free replacements for all of their favorite meals. Celebrate chickens this month by leaving them off your plate — try cruelty-free alternatives instead!

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