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Pet Theft

In just a few seconds, your dog or cat could be takensnatched from your yard or dragged off of your front porchonly to be sold to research laboratories, used as fighters or bait in dog fighting rings, or "flipped" for profit. In fact, in the time it takes you to read this sentence, someone could have stolen your pet.

Since many pet thefts go unreported, it's impossible to know exactly how many animals are taken but, historically, an estimated two million pets are stolen in the United States each year.

Pet Theft Awareness Day

Observed annually on February 14also known as Valentine's Day, which sees a considerable uptick in pet theftsLCA first created National Pet Theft Awareness Day in 1988 to raise awareness for the issues of pet theft and to educate the public about how to keep their companion animals safe from unscrupulous thieves.

Common Reasons for Pet Theft

How to Protect Your Pets

What to Do If Your Pet Is Stolen or Goes Missing

Support the Pet Safety and Protection Act

The Pet Safety and Protection Act (PSPA) is important federal legislation that would permanently stop Class B dealers from monetizing on selling random-sourced cats and dogs to laboratories for scientific research. Although Class B dealers could still "donate" random-sourced cats and dogs to research facilities, it would remove the financial incentive, thus help stop Class B dealers from stealing family pets or obtaining animals by unscrupulous sources. Learn more here.