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5 Shocking Legal Practices of the Animal Research Industry

Legalized11Beloved animals considered pets by many are routinely exploited by the animal research industry. While harming companion animals can result in animal cruelty charges, torturing and killing the same animals in the name of science is justifiable according to the law. Read on to learn five shocking facts about the abuse endured by victims of animal testing and what you can do to stand up for their rights.

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Chilling Quotes from Slaughterhouse Workers That Display the Reality of “Humane” Meat

SHQChickenHandWell-intentioned animal lovers tend to rationalize meat consumption by suggesting that animals can be raised and killed humanely. Investigations consistently reveal that so-called
“happy” farms subject animals to horrifying cruelty behind closed doors. While there may be a rare farm where animals are housed in reasonably good conditions, these animals are routinely sent to the same industrial slaughterhouses as factory farmed animals, where they face a terrifying and agonizing death.

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When Animals Fight Back: Captive Animals Who Stood Up to Their Tormentors


The imprisonment of wild animals, no matter how obscured by false notions of education or conservation, denies them of their most basic freedoms for the purpose of casual human entertainment. Whether confined in a circus or incarcerated in a zoo, captivity routinely breaks the spirits of intelligent and strong-willed animals, leaving defeated creatures with anguished minds and empty lives. While many captive animals fall victim to severe psychological disorders, others—fed up with the cruelty of their confinement—fight back. Recurrent incidents of animals systematically revolting against their tormentors litter the history of wildlife captivity and serve as a powerful reminder of the striking intellect and determined spirits of wild animals. These tragic events epitomize the inherent risk of keeping wildlife in confinement, and reaffirm the fact that it is unjustifiable and cruel.

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Real Fur is Being Sold as Faux

JoAnne FurWith compassionate consumers increasingly avoiding real fur, the market for animal-free alternatives is rapidly growing. Michael Kors is the latest designer to join the fur-free movement, acknowledging that alternatives are just as luxurious and real fur is outdated and unnecessary. While high-quality faux furs are becoming more prevalent in luxury and contemporary clothing collections, deceptive labeling has led to an alarming issue: real fur being sold as faux.

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The Will to Live: 4 Animals Who Escaped Slaughter and Fought for Their Lives

Molly Cow


A cow named Molly (pictured left) exhibited an unmistakable desire to live by remarkably escaping a Great Falls, MT slaughterhouse by jumping a 5 ½ foot fence, sprinting away, crossing a busy highway, and astonishingly—swimming across the Missouri River. Determined to do whatever she could to escape a terrifying slaughter, Molly led officers and meat plant workers on a six-hour chase. As noted by the slaughterhouse manager, “It’s just totally amazing. I watched her do things that are just not possible for a cow.” Never underestimate a cow’s fierce desire to survive. Molly was eventually captured and thankfully adopted by a farm sanctuary where she is currently living happily with other rescued cows.

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Human Victims of Animal Agriculture

FaceMaskThe horrors of animal agriculture have been revealed through numerous investigations, but animals aren’t the only victims of meat consumption. While there is no question that farmed animals endure the absolute worst forms of cruelty and violence in this industry, the implications of animal agriculture’s vast destructiveness extend to humans as well, threatening the rights and wellbeing of millions of people worldwide.

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Year of the Dog – How to Help Dogs in 2018


According to the Chinese zodiac calendar, 2018 is the year of the dog. Loyal, intelligent, and full of joy—dogs are one of humans’ most beloved companions and are deserving of compassion and protection. Unfortunately, the loving and forgiving nature of dogs is routinely exploited by industries for profit and other selfish interests.

For decades, LCA has worked to protect dogs from cruelty and expose animal abusers. LCA is dedicated to bringing an end to industries of animal exploitation, and your advocacy is crucial to that outcome. Animal advocates can help make a difference for dogs this year by taking a stand against their suffering and speaking up for their rights. 

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3 Ways to Make a Difference for Animals in 2018

2018blogcoverAs 2017 comes to an end, it is time to reflect on the many successes animals have had over the past year. The fur-free movement has gained amazing momentum, with luxury designers Gucci, Michael Kors, and Jimmy Choo pledging to eliminate fur from their lines in 2018. Veganism has taken the world by storm, with countless celebrities adopting a plant-based diet and an ever-growing plethora of delicious and widely available vegan food alternatives.  Social media platforms, including Instagram and Tinder, have taken a stand against cruel animal trades by publicly condemning the posting of wildlife selfies. Numerous countries, states, and cities have enacted bans on traveling animal acts and historically cruel circuses like Ringling Bros. have shut down entirely. There has been a widespread crackdown on the ivory trade, with China shutting down its domestic ivory trade and New York holding a historic ivory crush. Vietnam has pledged to end its horrific bear bile industry, and many bears have already been freed to sanctuaries. These are only a few of the positive changes that have made 2017 a victorious year for animals.

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These Circuses are Still Exploiting Animals - How You Can Help

CircusElephantsThis year has seen tremendous victories for animals in circuses. Ringling Bros. Circus, the cruelest show on earth, finally closed in May 2017, after 146 years. The final performance marked the end of a cruel era of Ringling subjecting wild animals to horrific training methods and forcing them to perform demeaning, unnatural tricks out of fear. The end of Ringling Bros. is a hard-won victory that followed decades of investigations and protests by LCA, concerned citizens and other animal advocacy organizations.

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Take Action Now: Horrifying Video Shows Helpless Coyote Being Cruelly Tortured

CoyoteCoverA video posted to Facebook on December 20, 2017 shows two teens and a middle-aged adult laughing as they torment and cruelly shoot at a suffering coyote caught in a foothold trap, who desperately struggles to get away. After a bullet hits the animal’s mouth, the abusers continue to joke and shoot carelessly as the terrified coyote writhes in agony. By the end of the video, the coyote is still alive and struggling to free itself from the trap as the callous individuals continue to use the animal for target practice. Ultimately, off camera, the perpetrators killed the coyote and subsequently posted a photo of the deceased animal's body.

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Legalized Cruelty: 10 Shocking Practices Directly from Animal Agriculture Policy

shockingcover2LCA investigations have repeatedly revealed the living nightmare endured by animals raised for food. The most shocking aspect of LCA’s investigations is the fact that much of the documented cruelty is legal. While producers of meat, eggs, and dairy go to great lengths to conceal and justify the horrors that farmed animals are subjected to, the harrowing reality of the animal agriculture industry is clearly depicted in the industry’s own manuals and journals. Unbelievably, farmers are legally subjecting animals to brutal torture and deplorable conditions. Read on to find ten of the most shocking legal practices inflicted upon farmed animals.

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10 Inspiring Quotes from Great Minds About Animal Rights

HeadermonkeyA commonality between many of the world’s greatest thinkers is an understanding of the importance of animal rights. Some of the most intelligent and revered philosophers, scientists, and religious leaders have invalidated the long-held belief that animals exist for human purposes, acknowledging that all animals are deserving of our compassion and respect. 





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Horse Drawn Carriages - An Industry of Cruelty

HorseDownWhen visiting iconic cities such as New York or London, many tourists are enchanted by the sight of horse-drawn carriages. These carriages line the streets, taking visitors and locals on tours across the city. Seemingly a delightful activity fit for romantic dates and authentic big city experiences, the reality of this industry is one of unfathomable cruelty and shocking abuse.

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Stolen Babies, Suffering Mothers: The Exploitation of Female Animals

ValentineMeet Clarabelle (pictured left with her calf, Valentine), a devoted mother who was rescued from the dairy industry while pregnant and only hours from slaughter. In order to produce milk, Clarabelle endured a brutal yearly cycle of forced impregnation and childbirth, only to have every one of her babies devastatingly dragged away from her immediately after birth. When Valentine was born shortly after Clarabelle’s arrival at a sanctuary, she carefully hid her in the tall grass, as far from caregivers as possible. Each day, Clarabelle moved her daughter to a new hiding spot, vigilantly protecting her precious baby from humans, who she gravely feared would take her newborn away once again.

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Keeping Animals Safe During Wildfires


As wildfires continue to spread through Southern California, countless families are being forced to evacuate their homes. Reports of animal lives devastatingly lost to the fires due to irresponsible and unprepared caregivers are a heartbreaking reminder that wildfire-preparedness is imperative. Whether you have an animal sanctuary or a single companion animal, tragedies can be prevented by taking simple steps to avoid placing animal lives at risk during wildfires.

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7 Young Stars Leading the Way for Animal Rights

NoahCYoung people have the power to shape a more compassionate future and it is crucial that animals are included in their realm of social concern. Thankfully, many famous kids and teens are leading the way for animal rights—promoting a message of compassion to their thousands of fans and followers. These seven allstar activists are using their talent and fame to create a better world for animals.

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How to Spot a Fake Animal ‘Sanctuary’

FakeSanctuarySelfieAs animal advocates are increasingly boycotting zoos due to the unnecessary confinement and inhumane treatment of imprisoned wildlife, more people are seeking compassionate alternatives. Many well-intentioned animal lovers are unknowingly visiting exploitative animal attractions that masquerade as animal sanctuaries. Wild animals are the most common victims of fake sanctuaries which perpetuate the cruel exotic pet trade and exploit wildlife for profit. Before visiting any facility housing captive wild animals, ask yourself these five questions to avoid supporting a cruel and deceptive attraction.

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U.S. Tax Dollars Fund Animal Cruelty – Take Action Now

Beagle cropped blogThis week, LCA released new footage from its 2016 undercover investigation into ITR Laboratories which reveals further evidence of the facility’s grave mistreatment of its animals. This footage (watch here) reveals the life of beagles exploited in the animal research industry—documenting how dogs are housed improperly, abused gratuitously, and thrown away when their “usefulness” expires. In spite of the documented abuse, ITR remains a U.S. Food and Drug Administration and U.S. Department of Defense approved facility. The National Institute of Health (NIH)—an agency funded by U.S. tax dollars—has provided grants for numerous cruel animal tests conducted at ITR. The NIH is notorious for funding research institutions with substandard animal welfare records, and will continue to do so until enough people demand that they stop.

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Fur is Cruel, but What About Leather and Wool?

Sheep.JoAnneLast week, hundreds of activists joined LCA’s annual Fur Free Friday protest in Beverly Hills to stand up for the tens of millions of fur-bearing animals killed each year for fashion. It is widely known that wearing fur causes horrific and unnecessary cruelty, and numerous clothing brands have committed to going fur-free as a result. While fur is indeed a barbaric industry, seldom considered are the millions of animals killed for other clothing materials, most notably leather and wool.

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World-Famous Athletes Who are Powered by Plants


Athletes are some of the strongest, fastest and healthiest people in the world. Known for being at the peak of physical conditioning, it’s no surprise that athletes seek the most effective training and dietary regimens to obtain optimal performance. As the benefits of veganism are becoming more widely known, many of the world’s top athletes are switching to a plant-based diet. These individuals are living proof that athletes can thrive on plants alone and even outperform those who eat animal products.
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