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letter writing logoThe Power of the Pen - Tips for Writing An Effective Letter

  • Handwritten or at least hand-signed letters are the most effective. However, if emailing or sending a computer generated letter or postcard enables you to send out more letters, then do it. It is most important that the messages are sent. 
  • Be concise. Limit yourself to one page.
  • Personalize your letter. Expressing your own thoughts is better than sending a form letter that an organization may provide. If you use a form letter, personalize the first paragraph. 
  • Always ask for a reply. Include your full name and address. Anonymous letters may be disregarded. 
  • Address the letter to a specific person. Target company executives, editors of publications, and elected officials. Always use the proper titles, especially when addressing members of the legislature. 
  • Remember that your letter can make a difference. Some members of Congress decide how they will vote based on a “mail count.”

Voice Your Opinions - How to Communicate Effectively by Phone

  • Many companies have toll-free numbers you can use to contact them. The number for the Toll-Free Directory is 1-800-555-1212. 
  • Plan what you will say before you call. It may help to write down a basic outline to follow, but don’t memorize an entire speech. Just express your feelings and thoughts. 
  • Don’t ramble. Be organized and to the point. Remember that time is valuable.
  • Always thank the person you spoke to for their time and consideration.

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