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Blog for Last Chance for Animals, an international non-profit dedicated to ending animal cruelty and exploitation.

Los Angeles Protest Against Korean Dog Meat Trade - Thursday, July 21, 2016


pressreleasedogmeatActivists Call to Stop the Dog Meat Trade of South Korea

Animal advocates including Nami Kim of NamiKim.orgSTART Rescue,, and Last Chance for Animals (LCA) will be protesting the Korean dog meat trade outside the South Korean consulate on Thursday, July 21 at 10:30 am. Full details:

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VICTORY! Missouri Ag Gag Bill Vetoed by Governor Jay Nixon!

AgGagVictoryAfter tens of thousands signed LCA's petition against Missouri HB 1414, MO Governor Jay Nixon vetoed this freedom-crushing legislation on July 8, 2016. This is an important victory for the animals, and the rights of all U.S. citizens!

If HB 1414 had passed, agricultural industries would have become excluded from the Missouri Sunshine Law, a law that guarantees citizens the right to obtain all records from public government bodies.

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L.A. - Protest Ringling Bros. Animal Cruelty July 14-19, 2016 at Staples Center!!


Join the Protest Against Ringling Bros. Cruelty!
Los Angeles: Opening Night Thursday, 7/14/16!!

Please come speak out against Ringling Bros. cruelty to animals! This is their first Los Angeles show without the elephants, and it’s up to you to let Ringling know that ALL animals should be banned from the circus!

LCA is looking for volunteers to help with the protests! Please reply to this email if you can attend.

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L.A. Vigil for the Dogs of Yulin - 6/30/16! Join LCA and Chris DeRose!!


Vigil YulinDespite massive global outcry, the Yulin government failed yet again to protect the thousands of dogs and cats brutally killed for China's annual Yulin Dog Meat Festival, a 10-day massacre that starts on the summer solstice. The animals are kidnapped in faraway regions of China and trucked for hours in tiny metal cages with no food and water -- when they reach Yulin, they are beaten and killed.

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BREAKING!! Obama Signs Chemical Safety Act, Dramatically Reducing Animal Testing

ObamaVivisectionBlogImage.jpgToday, June 22, 2016, President Barack Obama signed historic legislation that will spare tens of thousands of animals from the barbaric and unnecessary torture of chemical testing.

The Frank R. Lautenberg Chemical Safety for the 21st Century Act is a much-needed overhaul of the archaic Toxic Substances Control Act (created 40 years ago) and will steer chemical testing away from animal experimentation and toward newer, innovative and cruelty-free methods. Animal testing is notoriously unreliable, so this move benefits humans AND animals.

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