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 The Fight

"Gamecocks" are specifically bred to fight. Their natural spurs are sawed off and steel blades called "gaffs" are fitted to their legs. They are placed in a small, enclosed space from which they cannot escape. They are often not permitted to stop fighting until one (or both) of the animals die. The winning birds often have many injuries, including broken bones and gauged out eyes. Large cockfighting pits kill up to 1,000 birds in one weekend. 

cock fighting 001Gaffs-steel blades attached to roosters legs during a cockfight

The Drugs

Drugs are given to the birds to increase their aggression and make them more difficult to kill extending the length and brutality of the fights. Drugs include:




Unnatural Aggression

While birds will often fight over food, territory, or mates, such fights usually serve only to establish a pecking order and rarely result in serious injury. In cockfights, however, roosters are bred and drugged to be more aggressive. Moreover, they are forced to fight until a winner is declared, no matter how injured and exhausted they may be.


Criminal Activity and the Threat to Public Safety

•Cockfighting spectators are typically involved in illegal gambling, betting money that a certain rooster will prevail.

•Weapons are common at cockfights because of the large amount of cash present.

•Cockfights are sometimes used as entertainment for gangs.

•Major drug networks have been tied to animal fighting in several states, and raids on animal fighting operation have resulted in the seizure of large-scale drug operations and revealed underground drug manufacturing labs.

•Cockfights encourage violence, insensitivity to suffering, and animal cruelty, especially among children.

Read about LCA's Special Investigation Unit aiding authorities in closing down cockfighting facilities


You Can Help:

•If you suspect cockfighting is occurring in your neighborhood, contact the police immediately.

•Educate your community about the cruelty inherent in cockfighting. Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more information.




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