Last Chance for Animals

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Don't lose your companion in a disaster: Take the steps to prepare NOW!

  • LCA Katrina Rescue TeamLearn first aid for your companion animal
  • Call ahead to an emergency shelter or motel/hotel which accepts animals to make arrangements for you and your companion animals
  • Ensure that all pets are wearing collars with securely-fastened, up-to-date identification
  • Check that your disaster supplies are ready
  • Bring your companion animals inside until it is time to leave
  • Make sure your animal is microchipped and/or tattooed by your veterinarian

Disaster Supplies:

  • Sturdy leashes, harnesses
  • Transport carrier
  • Drinking water, bowls, and litter pan
  • Medications and copies of medical records kept in a waterproof container
  • First aid kit
  • Current photos of you and your companion animal
  • Information on feeding schedules, medical conditions, and behavior issues
  • Pet beds, toys if portable


Click Here for More Information on Pet Disaster Preparedness

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