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Are You Taking Good Care of Your Pet?

White kitty looking in CamAnimals depend on you to take care of them. It’s a big responsibility, but remember all they give you in return.

  • Food – All animals need healthy food each and every day.
  • Water – Change the water in your pet’s bowl at least once a day. Make sure he or she always has fresh water.
  • Shelter – Pets need an enclosure that will keep them warm, dry, and safe year round.
  • Identification – Keep a collar and identification tag on your cat or dog at all times. Even indoor animals need proper identification in case there is a fire, earthquake, or other emergency. Veterinarians can also provide your pet with a microchip or tattoo, which can help others identify him or her if he or she gets lost.
  • Health Care – All animals should be taken to a veterinarian for a yearly check-up, and also when they are sick or hurt. Like you, cats and dogs need vaccinations to keep them healthy.
  • Spay or neuter your pets! - Fixing companion animals eliminates or greatly decreases the risk of certain types of cancer and reduces the chance that they will bite.
  • Grooming – Companion animals need to be brushed regularly. Cats, particularly long-haired breeds, can choke on hairballs if they are not groomed frequently.
  • Exercise – Animals need exercise to remain healthy and happy. Dogs should be walked twice a day or more, and cats enjoy running, chasing, and play “hunting.”
  • Train your pet with praise and treats. Never hit an animal!
  • All animals need a friend, someone to spend time with them, play with them, and take care of them forever.

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