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Help put an end to Australia's live animal export!

1. Write a letter to Australia's Prime Minister, Scott Morrison, and let him know you want Australia's live animal export banned:

Sample Letter

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The Hon Malcolm Turnbull MP
Prime Minister
Parliament House

Dear Prime Minister,

After witnessing the horrendous treatment of Australian animals in the Middle East, I am appalled that this cruelty has been allowed to continue for so long. It is gut-wrenching to realize that Australia has been supporting this trade of horror and agony.

While the Australian government conveniently turns a blind eye to the cruelty of the live export industry, the horrendous images of animals being brutalized have reached US soil. Australia is gaining international attention as animal abusers and sending the message to other nations that Australia will do anything for a profit – including the torture and inhumane slaughter of its own animals.

You can witness the unbelievable cruelty inflicted on Australian animals on this video If, after watching this video, you continue to allow the export of live animals you should hang your head in shame – you are culpable for the suffering these innocent animals are forced to endure.

The only way to improve Australia's reputation with the rest of the world is to ban the export of live animals. You have the power to protect these animals from further brutality. End this cruel trade once and for all.

Yours faithfully,
Your Name

2. Use social media to send a message to Australia's Prime Minister:

Send Scott Morrison a quick note to tell him you want live animal exports banned via his: Facebook page, Twitter, and Website.

3. Write to Australia's Board of Tourism and let them know you won't visit Australia until there is a permanent ban on live animal export!

Send via their email form located here

Or mail your letter to:

John O'Sullivan
Managing Director
Tourism Australia-Head Office
GPO Box 2721
Sydney NSW 1006


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