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LCA Fights Ad Censorship By New York Transit

The Metropolitan Transportation Authority has enacted a sweeping ban of ads across New York City. According to the MTA’s new policy, any ad deemed “political” will be censored, and barred from any MTA property. As a result, Last Chance for Animals’ own ads -- which decry the safety hazards of horse-drawn carriages -- are being hidden from the public eye. But LCA is fighting back, because our important message must be heard.



LCA's current ad:


LCA’s initial ad will be allowed to remain until June 28, but the new ad to replace it has been banned — despite an existing agreement that allows LCA to change the ad copy at will. And our request to extend the contract was denied.

To protect our right to free speech, we’ve taken on prominent First Amendment attorney Floyd Abrams, who has requested a reversal on the censorship and given the MTA a limited time to respond. If they refuse to post the new ad, further steps will be taken.

Truly, this is not an issue of politics but one of public safety for all species. According to the New York Police Department, carriages have been involved in at least 25 different traffic incidents since 2009. It’s bad enough that the carriages are simply pointless in 2015, an archaic representation of a barbaric industry. It’s even worse that such an outdated industry continues to put the lives of animals and humans alike in unnecessary danger.

 The LCA Ad That New York MTA Banned:


If LCA ads are seeking to warn the public about an ongoing safety hazard, how is that not a public service announcement? Such announcements aren’t affected by the MTA ban, which has unfairly slapped the vague “political” label on our ads to justify their removal.

We are fighting this unfair act of censorship which falsely labeled LCA’s intentions and violated our 1st amendment rights.  

What can you do?

Contact The MTA. You can call the corporate office at 212-878-7000 or send an email. The MTA has a Facebook and Twitter profile through which you can also express your concerns about their censorship.

Please know that this roadblock has only inspired us to fight harder to end to the carriage industry in New York City. We hope that you will join us in that fight.

[Image Credit: Rhys A.]

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