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Meet the World's Most Endangered Cat

With its piercing gaze, tufted beard and sumptuous spotted coat, the Iberian lynx looks more like a fearless feline hunter than an animal on the brink of extinction. However, human activities and natural forces have nearly snuffed it out of existence. Only a few hundred Iberian lynxes still survive, making this the most endangered cat in the world.

What’s killing the Iberian lynx?

  • Habitat degradation leaves them dispersed and vulnerable. The Iberian lynx once roamed throughout the Mediterranean, but now they can only be found in a small section of Spain. Roads, dams, railways, and other human structures slice the size of Iberian lynx habitats and diminish mating possibilities by separating groups from each other. Scientists project climate change will further disrupt lynx habitats, making it even harder for them to adapt.  
  • Rabbit disease has robbed the lynx of its favorite food source. The Iberian lynx gets most of its sustenance from rabbits. Unfortunately, the deadly viral diseases myxomatosis and rabbit hemorrhagic disease (RHD) have ploughed through the European rabbit population. The Iberian lynx now struggles to find enough food among the dwindling rabbit population. 
  • Road construction has lead to vehicle strikes. The Iberian lynx doesn’t understand the threat posed by new roads and highways weaving through their habitats. Experts say over 10 lynxes have perished under car wheels in the last ten years, adding up to a large portion of their miniscule population.  

What you can do:

Iberian lynx populations remain too low for us to just sit around and wait for the situation to improve. Doing your part to save the Iberian lynx is just two steps away:

  1. Sign this petition to support important conservation efforts. 
  2. Write or email Sonia Sanchez Mula, Environmental Press Officer from the Spanish Ministry of Agriculture, Food, and Environment, encouraging the Spanish government’s full investment in conservation efforts like habitat restoration, captive breeding programs, and decreasing Iberian lynx traffic fatalities. 

Contact details:

Sonia Sanchez Mula,  Press Officer (Environment)

En la Plaza de San Juan de la Cruz (temas Medio Ambiente)

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

We haven’t lost a feline species to extinction since the saber-toothed tiger. Together we can stop the Iberian lynx from following in its long-forgotten footsteps.

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