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Over Two Dozen Dogs Rescued on the ‘Underhound Railroad’

Recently, an Atlanta-based television company headed to Dothan, Alabama, to film a rescue mission of nearly 30 puppies and dogs in need. This is the first of many future rescues to come, each falling under the lifesaving coordination efforts of an inspirational program called “The Underhound Railroad.” 

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Many of these poor pooches had been sitting on death row inside area animal shelters for quite some time, sadly awaiting their fate.  So an Atlanta veterinarian named Dr. Michael Good came up with an ingenious plan.  Why not rescue these precious pups from these small rural communities and bring them back to the bustling metropolis of Atlanta, where they’ll have a much better chance of being adopted?

“All Aboard!”

Dr. Michael Good is partnering with Ed Coughlin of Chet Burks Productions to film the first of many rescue missions in hopes of drawing national attention to this important cause.  The first stop for The Underhound Railroad was Dothan.  As Dr. Good gently rubbed the head of a beautiful golden lab, the lifelong animal lover was heard saying, “You’re going to have a good time in Hotlanta.”   

Now official Georgians, the rescued dogs are pampered and nurtured by Dr. Good’s team of do-gooders, collectively known as the Atlanta-based Homeless Pet Foundation. 

Next Stop: Hollywood

Dr. Good is quick to heap praise on the Dothan Community for all of their hard work and dedication to the stray animal problem in Alabama. Shelter administrators and the Atlanta Doc have the same end goal in mind: to rid the country of pet euthanasia once and for all.  Both Good and Dothan officials believe that public awareness and education is an important first step in the process.  And how better to educate the public than with an inspiring and life-affirming pet rescue show on the Discovery Channel’s Animal Planet?

The filming of the Dothan visit is the subject material for the pilot episode.  While there is no guarantee that the Animal Planet will pick up the program, Dr. Good remains optimistic.  After all, who would pass up a puppy rescue show with a host named Dr. Good?

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