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A Historic Step Forward for Companion Animals

pupmillpostOn September 24, 2017, Puppy Mill Awareness Day, hundreds of animal advocates gathered in Lancaster, PA to spread awareness about the plight of dogs who are raised in cruel commercial breeding facilities. Puppy Mill Awareness Day serves to encourage the public to make a difference for animals by adopting companion animals rather than purchasing them.

Started by LCA and other animal activists in 2004, Puppy Mill Awareness Day brings animal lovers across the country together to host protests, adoption events, and marches that take a stand against the mass breeding facilities that produce millions of dogs and other animals each year to be sold in pet stores and online shops. Notorious for their filthy, overcrowded conditions and lack of protection from the elements, puppy mills subject animals to a nightmarish life in cramped cages, depriving them of adequate food, water, and veterinary care. Thousands of these facilities continue to legally subject animals to horrific conditions for profit.

The recent passing of a groundbreaking bill in California will have a substantial impact on the puppy mill industry. On October 13, 2017, Governor Jerry Brown signed Assembly Bill 485 in to law, banning the retail sale of commercially bred dogs, cats and rabbits. This lifesaving law makes California the first state to prohibit the sale of puppy mill animals. Not only will this legislation significantly reduce the demand for commercially bred animals, it will also give shelter animals a better chance at being rescued. The passage of this bill is a major victory for animals and should serve to lead the way for other states to follow suit.

While legislative efforts are an important component of bringing about meaningful progress, individual consumers have tremendous power to create change as well. By choosing to adopt and refusing to purchase companion animals from pet stores, you can take a stand against puppy mills and prevent a great deal of animal suffering. Do not be fooled by deceptive salespeople—the vast majority of animals sold it stores come from puppy mills. Reputable breeders do not sell animals to stores or online retailers. Due to widespread awareness of this reality, compassionate people are increasingly choosing adoption. Shelters and rescues across the country are filled with companion animals of every breed and age waiting to be brought into a loving home.


  • If you are considering bringing a companion animal into your family, always adopt.
  • Thank Governor Jerry Brown for signing AB 485 into law. You can reach the Governor’s office by phone at 916-445-2841 or fill out a contact form online here.
  • Residents outside of California can contact their state elected officials and politely ask them to introduce similar legislation.
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