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Keep Your Companion Animals Safe On Halloween Night! 🎃

10.31.19Happy Halloween!

Please remember to keep your companion animals safe on Halloween night!

Halloween is a day to get dressed up and have fun with friends and family, but for many animals, this can be a very dangerous night. Please keep your companion animals safe with these easy tips:

  • Keep your companion animals indoors - Animals may be scared by the increased sounds during Halloween and may try to escape, so be sure to keep your companion animals inside and away from the door while chilren are trick-or-treating.
  • Keep candy safely secured and away from animals - Chocolates and other types of candy (and certain foods like raisins and grapes) can cause animals to become violently ill or to have a fatal reaction. Ensure all candy is kept in a secure container and out of reach of your companion animals.
  • Don't dress your companion animals in costume - Putting costumes on animals can be stressful for them, so refrain from dressing your companion animals in costumes.



LCA wishes you and your companion animals a safe and happy Halloween! 🎃



Photo: Pixabay

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