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A Victorious Week for Circus Animals

NoseycoverIt has been a victorious week for animals used in entertainment! In the past week, India, Ireland, and Italy all instituted bans on circus acts using animals—a huge step forward in the fight against the use and mistreatment of animals for entertainment. In further fantastic news, Nosey, a wild-caught African Elephant who has been exploited in captivity for nearly twenty years, has finally been freed to a sanctuary. A judge in Alabama issued a seizure order for Nosey, ruling that she be removed from her abusive over and turned over to local officials. This is a hard-won victory that follows years of effort from animal advocates across the globe who worked tirelessly to spread awareness about Nosey’s plight.

Long described as the saddest elephant in the world, Nosey was stolen from her mother in the wild and has lived alone in confinement since 1997. Nosey was cruelly forced to perform by circus owner Hugo Liebel, who has been cited for nearly 200 Animal Welfare Act violations. Nosey spent most of her life chained so tightly that she could hardly move. Her abuse is well-documented and included tortuous training practices such as the use of bullhooks and the withholding of food. After a life of pain, loneliness, and isolation, Nosey will finally be free to live in peace alongside other rescued elephants at The Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee.


Animal lovers everywhere are also celebrating the recent news that India, Ireland, and Italy—which has one of the largest circus industries in the world—have decided to phase out the use of animals in circuses. This is incredible news for the victims of the circus industry who suffer a horrific cycle of perpetual confinement, brutal training practices, and constant travel. These countries join several others with similar bans on the use of circus animals, including Romania, Iran and the UK, as well as many US cities such as Portland and New York City. It is clear that a shift in social consciousness about the exploitation of wild animals is occurring—the public will no longer stand for the inherent cruelty involved in using wild animals for entertainment.

As we celebrate these tremendous victories, let’s also remember that thousands of animals still remain trapped, abused, and exploited in the entertainment industry. Thankfully, each of us has the power to help these animals by pledging to never attend circuses, fairs, and other attractions that use wild animals for profit. Find out more ways you can help captive wildlife below!


  • If an attraction using animals visits your area, consider organizing a protest or outreach event to inform attendees of the cruelty they are supporting. Contact LCA This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to order anti-circus leaflets.
  • The Traveling Exotic Animal and Public Safety Protection Act (H.R.6342) will prohibit the use of wild animals in traveling shows. Find your representative here and urge them to support this important bill.
  • Spread awareness about the plight of the thousands of animals who are victims of the entertainment industry.
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