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California's Circus Cruelty Prevention Act Passes Second Committee!

circus elelphantGreat news! On Tuesday, April 23, 2019, the Circus Cruelty Prevention Act (SB 313) unanimously passed the California Senate Judiciary Committee with a 7-0 vote!

Introduced by California Sen. Ben Hueso (D-San Diego), the bill previously passed the Senate Natural Resources and Water Committee on April 9 with a 7-0 vote. If enacted into law, the bill will prohibit the use of wild and exotic animals (excluding domestic cats, domestic dogs, and horses) in circuses throughout the state.

Forced to perform unnatural and demeaning tricks in front of an audience (e.g., standing on their heads, riding bicycles, jumping through rings of fire) wild animals used in circuses are routinely exploited and abused for the sake of "entertainment". These helpless creatures must endure a lifetime of violent training practices, including being beaten, whipped, and electrocuted, in order to force them into submission. Animals used in circuses also suffer ongoing confinement in deplorable living conditions and often go without basic necessities, such as adaquate food, water, and veterinary care.

As a result of this horrific mistreatment, many circus animals display abnormal behaviors like rocking, swaying, and head-bobbing — all of which are signs of extreme psychological distress  and often become unhealthy, depressed, and aggressive.

Thanks to your outpouring of phone calls and emails to your legislators in support of SB 313, the bill will now be heard by the Senate Appropriations Committee!

The Circus Cruelty Prevention Act's advancement is a major victory  but our work isn't done yet!



SB 313 will now be heard by the California Senate Appropriations Committee. Help keep the momentum going on this crucial bill by urging your state legislators to support the Circus Cruelty Prevention Act!

California: contact your state legislators and urge them to end circus cruelty by supporting SB 313! (Click here to find their details.)



Click here to learn more about LCA's campaign to end circus cruelty.


Photo: Pixabay

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