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LCA + ALW to Protest S. Korea's Bok Nal on July 12, 2019!

LCA and ALW to protest S. Korea's Bok Nal on July 12, 2019Banners urging the S. Korean government to pass MP Pyo Chang-won's proposed amendment to the Animal Protection Act, which would outlaw the slaughter of dogs for meat across the country, are now up near the National Assembly as LCA and ALW prepare to protest Bok Nal in Seoul, S. Korea on July 12, 2019  the first of three nonconsecutive days known for being incredibly hot when the consumption of dog meat soup (known as "boshingtang") rises exponentially to combat the extreme heat.

In 2018, LCA and ALW held three demonstrations simultaneously on Bok Nal (the first day of which fell on July 17, 2018) in Los Angeles, California; Washington D.C.; and Seoul, S. Korea to protest the S. Korean dog meat trade.

The protests were solemn and respectful with thousands of people taking part worldwide. In Los Angeles, the protest was held at the Consulate General of the Republic of Korea, and in D.C., the protest was held at the Embassy of S. Korea. The Seoul protest was held in Gwanghwamun Plaza and inlcuded a funeral march to the Blue House (the executive office and official residence of the S. Korean head of state). In Seoul and Los Angeles, activists held the bodies of deceased dogs to symbolize the victims of the dog meat trade.

LCA and ALW to protest S. Korea's Bok Nal on July 12, 2019

Banners demanding an end to the dog meat trade on display near S. Korea's National Assembly.

In S. Korea, there is currently a legal contradiction that allows the dog meat industry to still brutally kill dogs for their meat. Under the Animal Protection Act, dogs are legally categorized as "companion animals"; however, under S. Korea's Livestock Industry Act, dogs are recognized as "livestock". Since dogs are considered as both "companion" and "livestock" by Korean law the current legal loophole exists.

To learn more about S. Korea's dog meat trade, visit More details of LCA and ALW's upcoming Bok Nal protest to come, so stay tuned!

Help stop dog meat!

Sign the petition demanding S. Korea's Agriculture, Food, Rural Affairs, Oceans & Fisheries Committee to end the brutal dog meat trade by passing MP Chang-won's proposed amendment!


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Photo: LCA

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