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Service Dog ‘Burberry’ Fatally Shot by San Diego Police

A 24-year old man is demanding accountability after his beloved pet Burberry was fatally shot by a local San Diego police officer.  The incident took place on March 17, 2015 when Burberry and his master, Ian Anderson, were startled awake at 5 a.m. by officers pounding on the door over a domestic disturbance call. But the police officers had the wrong house, and Burberry paid with his life.

The 6-year old pit bull responded just as any loyal dog would.  When Anderson opened the door, Burberry barked.  The officers identified themselves as Officers “Jackson” and “Bennet,t” and Anderson immediately explained that they had the wrong address.  Surveillance video captured footage of Jackson reaching down to pet the pooch on the head.   And according to Anderson, Burberry then headed over to Officer Bennett simply to “say hello.” That is when the situation became deadly.

The second officer is seen backing away from Burberry while reaching for his firearm.   Anderson reports that Bennett then told his partner Jackson to “step aside.”  Seconds later, a shot is heard off-camera.  Burberry was killed by a single shot to the head.  The immediate reaction of his owner was to run over to his loyal dog, but the officer immediately restrained Anderson, preventing him from being with poor Burberry in his last dying moments.  

Burberry wasn’t just a loving family pet. Burberry helped Anderson overcome long periods of depression and anxiety immediately following his father’s death, when Ian was still in high school.  Burberry was also a trained service animal for children living with autism and Downs syndrome.

Understandably, Anderson is devastated. “My world’s destroyed…I wish I could have taken the bullet instead of (Burberry).”

Now Anderson is demanding action.  He wants the officer to be held accountable, and has initiated a petition that would require all SDPD officers take part in mandatory training classes for animal behavior.  He has also contacted the Huffington Post, who is calling for the identities of the two officers to be released.

Anderson is asking people to sign a petition to have SDPD offiercers take a course that is manditory in animal behavior.

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